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Santa Lucía

An accessible WebAR experience without installs


Santa Lucía


Web AR



About the project

Web augmented reality has been a turning point in the way augmented reality applications are deployed in recent years.

An example of this is the latest development for Santa Lucia. We have created an interactive experience accessible from any browser to communicate the advantages and lesser known coverages of their home insurance.

For this purpose, Many-Worlds, with the help of Onirix technology, has created a 3D floor, together with fun and entertaining animated characters, illustrating various everyday situations in which you would be happy to have an insurance policy like those of Santa Lucia.


Highlights of features

1. Accessible from a QR through a mobile browser.
2. Augmented reality with printed marker (accompanies a promotional tablecloth)
3. No need to install apps or plugins on either iOS or Android.
4. With a dynamic user guidance system so that no detail is missed.


Do you want to surprise your users and customers with a web augmented reality experience with or without a marker?

Don't hesitate to contact us! We cover the entire process in-house, from creative conception to implementation.

Our clients

In its almost 15 years of life, our two maxims: control of expectations and customer satisfaction, have achieved the loyalty of important national and international companies.


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