The most advanced Metaverse in Spain

After two years of development, we can proudly present VREvent, the most advanced Metaverse in Spain!

Some of the features that make it unique:

  • Cross-Platform: You don't need to have a VR headset to enjoy the events in the Metaverse, you just need to have an iOS or Android device
  • Custom environments created exclusively by our artists to delight your visitors in the Metaverse
  • Hand detection: if you wear VR goggles, you don't need controllers!
  • Voice chat
  • Support for hundreds of concurrent users
  • Customizable avatars

In addition to this, VREvent offers for your events:

  • Real-time video streaming support
  • Support for immersive 3D 360 straming
  • Support for interactive holographic scenes
  • Simulation of realistic physical interactions (yes, with your bare hands!)
  • Networking in the Metaverse (creation and management of private groups)
  • Administrator mode (scene management, permissions and access control)

We can also generate all kinds of content for your events: drone recordings, photogrammetry, 3D 360 recordings, 3D modeling and animation, virtual concerts, first-person 3D recordings, and much more.

Contact us and request a personalized demo today!

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Escena en las nubes
Interior Iglesia
Escena japonesa
Escena infantil 1
Escena infantil 2
Escena Cine
Escena holograma
Escena japonesa 2
Escena holograma 2