The future is now_

Many-Worlds was created in 2009 as company specialized in augmented reality projects. Over 10 years later, the technology we love has shown a huge potential in scopes as industry, marketing or education. Dozens of projects and very important clients endorse our work. Welcome to Many-Worlds, where reality is always augmented.


DICOM Hololens visualization

Carrefour Juguetes 3D

The first augmented reality brochure in Spain


Santillana Augmented Reality

Khinn apps

Khinn apps

Dinosaurs at Atocha!

An augmented reality experience at Atocha Station

Magic Leap

Magic Leap development

Carrefour Kids

Augmented reality videogame


Agumented reality Toys Brochure


3D assets development

Universidad Internacional de la Rioja

Interactive virtual museum

World Duty Free

Interactive basket experience

IPG Flexo

El bosque de los Flexis

Some of our clientes_